Past Events

Fanshawe Industry Research Showcase

This new event highlights the support Fanshawe provides to the regional economy through R&D and applied research.
The showcase will feature industry R&D projects that the Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) has supported throughout the past year as well as presentations from Fanshawe student research assistants on their participation in these projects. We are also featuring elevator pitches from students and faculty showcasing their research involving non-academic partners in the regional community.
It promises to be an exciting event highlighting Fanshawe's expertise and contributions towards the local and regional economies.


Nurturing the Food Startup Economy - presented by CRI and The Grove

Showcasing startups in food innovation

Nurturing the Food Startup Economy was hosted in-person and also live-streamed from The Grove at Western Fair District on April 28, 2022.

The event featured presentations from startups in the agri-food industry based at The Grove who have partnered with Fanshawe College's Centre for Research & Innovation (CRI) on research & development projects to take their businesses to exciting growth opportunities. 

The audience heard about what startups are doing to overcome challenges in the industry, toured the expanding facilities at The Grove, and learned more about how partnerships across the London region are removing barriers for small-medium sized enterprises.



Keynote Presenter:

Plant Health and Nutrition

Learn more about plant health and nutrition. This session covered information about biology, transgenics, improving plant quality, and cannabis cultivation! 

Presented by: Haleh Hashemi, PhD., Genetic Engineering Biotechnologist


Explore different extraction and purification techniques used in the food industry to help advance your R&D!

Presented by:

  • Istok Nahtigal, M.Sc., C.Chem., Manager, Industry Projects and Research
  • Sahar Samimi, PhD., Process Engineering Scientist