Our Innovation Manifesto:

Innovation is never more important than in times of crisis.


Right now, we are seeing supply lines crack, resources both human and financial challenged and the very ability to perform simple services pressured – all at a scale we have never thought possible in our lifetime.

Despite the ever-mounting concerns, we must remain optimistic. If anything, humans have the inspiring ability to learn and then adapt - which really means to innovate. 

In my opinion, we are being presented the greatest opportunity of the modern era.  For the first time we will be able examine data that we could only model in the past, to see cause and effect occur over days and weeks compared to years and decades and across vast geographic scales. The even better news is that we have the intelligence, the people, the capital and the technology to learn and iterate rapidly.  The result could very likely mean a stable climate, clean water, food security and better returns on investment and a healthier population than ever before.

I am optimistic and believe the opportunity is here and that we must act now… we must innovate now.  We owe it to our world: our families and friends, our colleagues, our environment – and indeed we owe those who’ve been lost to this terrible virus. This is our time now to learn and be better in all aspects of our lives.  

The time to innovate is always *now*


Dr. Colin Yates, Chair

Fanshawe College Centre for Research and Innovation

Our innovation manifesto: The time to innovate is always *NOW* - Dr. Colin Yates, Chair, Centre for Research and Innovation. #UnlockingInnovation