Publish your work in the FIRST repository and gain opportunities for exposure, citations and exposure.


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What is an institutional repository?

  • A publishing platform that provides a publicly accessible online space for work produced to be showcased and recognized.


What are the benefits of having your work published to FIRST?

  • Creates a digital portfolio of their best work that they can link to directly.
  • Increases visibility and discoverability of their work globally through search engines.
  •  For students, it gives an additional academic target to strive for and encourages exceptional work.
  • Other students and prospective students can browse FIRST and see the academic and creative work produced by their peers.


Facilitating access to FIRST satisfies the Canadian Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications.  


Faculty submissions may be uploaded directly to FIRST: Submit your work here.

Students are encouraged to connect with their instructor so that their work can be evaluated and uploaded to FIRST: Instructions to submit your work.

Please visit the FAQ page to learn more about inclusion criteria and the submission process.

*If you are interested in depositing large data sets, you might want to explore the Federated Research Data Repository