Faculty and staff are encouraged to communicate the benefits of FIRST to their students; promote FIRST as a place where exceptional student work will be published, and how to utilize FIRST as a research and collaboration tool.



  • Student work that showcases exemplary learning and quality in teaching.
  • Research papers, conference proceedings, journal and magazine articles, essays, artwork, photography, music, recorded performances, videos, primary research, etc.


  • Faculty or staff must evaluate student work, just as you do when marking assignments or exams, to ensure quality and academic excellence.
  • Sponsorship is strictly for assessment and vetting purposes.


  • Creates a digital portfolio of their best work that they can link to directly.
  • Increases visibility and discoverability of their work globally through search engines.
  • It gives them an additional academic target to strive for and encourages them to produce exceptional work.
  • Other students and prospective students can browse FIRST and see the academic and creative work produced by their peers.


  • All work is submitted electronically by the sponsoring faculty or staff member.
  • To submit:
    Create a user account using your @fanshawec.ca email.
    Download the Student License Agreement on the home page. Print out and have the student complete the form. Scan and email the signed and dated form to FIRST@fanshawec.ca
    Navigate to the school to which the student work will be submitted and click Student work.
    Click Submit your work here which will bring you to the submission form page.
    Complete the submission form with your sponsored students information (name, email address etc...) and upload your document.


For inquiries about FIRST and uploading to work, please contact our FIRST Administrator:
Tammy Pulinec, tpulinec@fanshawec.ca or first@fanshawec.ca


For copyright inquiries please contact our Copyright Officer: Meaghan Shannon, m_shannon2@fanshawec.ca