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Environment & Culture

Degree Level: Intro

The goal of this readings-based course is to provide students with a framework for understanding their local, national, and global environments, and especially the environmental challenges we presently face as people living in Canada and in the world at large. We will examine the interrelations of nature, technology, and culture by analysing what it means to live at the tolerance margins of our uses of fossil fuels, water, modern food systems, and pollutants such as plastic. We will also examine past environmental collapses and survivals to learn for the future and research communities engaged in environmental activism today.

Villains & Heroes

Degree Level: Upper

From Breaking Bad to The Avengers, contemporary popular culture seems to feed on our society's fascination with the idea of the flawed hero or anti-hero. Drawing on the theme of crime, this course will encourage students to examine a variety of genres including superhero films, T.V. 'cop shows,' graphic novels, and traditional crime fiction. In many of these works, the line between villain and hero, good and evil is deliberately blurred, raising questions about the nature of crime and representations of criminals and those who use dubious means to try to capture them. Through lectures, film viewings, and short readings, students will develop an understanding of some hero-myth theories and expand their knowledge of the ways in which various media reflect the darker preoccupations of North American society.

Film Studies-Intro

Degree Level: Intro

This course offers students an overview of major aspects of film as an artistic and communication medium. We examine film types, styles, and genres; major aspects of film technique such as editing, mise-en-scène, camera movement, sound, etc., and the way they may influence meaning; major theoretical approaches to film; and aspects of the film industry of increased relevance today, such as access vs. discrimination and exclusion. These aspects of film will be illustrated through a selection of films produced in North America, as well as in other parts of the world.

Gender, Sex & Sexual Relations

Degree Level: Upper

Gender and sexuality is a course about the interconnections between sex, gender, sexuality and sexual behaviour. This course will define and examine the social construction of gender, sex, and sexuality from a critical and political perspective. We will explore the history of gender and sexual relations in Canada and analyse current trends related to gender, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation and sexual