WINTER 2024 course options

Courses are first come, first served—there are no waiting lists for courses that are full! We strongly advise you to register in your General Education course as soon as possible. This list of courses does not update when courses are full. When completing your registration you may need to try several courses before you find one that still has room for you to register.


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The following courses are:

Blended / In-Person

Scheduled / Have Scheduled Hours / Synchronous 
3hrs per week (2hrs in-person + 1hr online) | 3 credits each 

Weekday Time: Monday 6:00pm – 8:00pm 
Location: 130 Dundas St. London, Ontario 


Please note: Course options are subject to change without notice due to changes in planning. Please double-check course lists prior to completing your registration to ensure specific courses are still offered.

HUMA-1024-60 Sciences of the Apocalypse 

From fringe cults to Hollywood blockbusters, divine judgement to human-caused catastrophe, apocalypticism has been a preoccupation of Western culture since a figure known only as John penned the Book of Revelation nearly two thousand years ago. This course will explore various representations of the end of the world throughout history. Though literally a revelation, apocalypse is often used to describe any narrative depicting a cataclysmic event, and both senses of the term will be examined. We will also investigate what this compulsion to re-destroy the world says about our anxieties concerning the emergence of new sciences and technologies. 

INDS-1022-60 Global Citizenship 

This course will help students understand the interconnectivity of global and local issues. An interdisciplinary and thematic approach will introduce students to the roles, responsibilities, and impact that individuals can have within their local, national, and international communities. The course will define 'citizenship' and 'global citizenship', as well as use ethical reasoning as a mechanism for analyzing thematic topics. We will examine topics such as health, race/diversity, nationalism, wealth and poverty, technology, migration, global economics, conflict and the environment. Finally, the course will conclude with a discussion of areas of action for global citizens, including work, study and travel. 

INDS-1081-62 Personal Wellness 

This course introduces students to the concept of wellness. Students develop strategies for a healthy lifestyle in all aspect of their lives. Through traditional lectures and learning activities, they learn through both individual and group processes. They investigate wellness as it applies to mindfulness, self-responsibility, social/emotional development, stress-management, physical activity, spirituality, substance abuse, nutrition, and complementary health. This course provides the opportunity for students to evaluate their present lifestyle, identify successes, and develop areas requiring personal growth. 

INDS-1082-60 Science of Music

This course explores some of the ways in which our understanding of music has been shaped through science, from research into how humans perceive musical sound to how our perception of music has changed alongside technological developments. Musical examples will be used to illustrate the connections between science and music. No prior background in music or ability to read music is required. 




All students can choose an online General Education elective course. International students should verify they have the appropriate number of in- person hours before registering for an online course. Online course descriptions can be found here: 

Diploma Students: Full-time — Online Courses: Full




We are excited to offer a blended Super Class this semester: 

Mondays 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 

This course will be held on main campus


INDS-1059-60 Myth, Folktale & Fairy Tale 

This course will examine a selection of myths and legends from Ancient Greece, Continental Europe, and Britain. We will look at how these stories have evolved over time from sacred tales to secular stories. The course will also explore the important role that folktales and fairy tales have played in shaping the culture of the people who told these stories. Our goals will be to discover connections among the stories, seek out similar themes and characters across cultures and time periods, and explain the enduring popularity of these stories to this day.