January 2020 Start Date


This is where you can find all of the information about the WRIT Placement Assessment if you are starting your program in January.

*Note: WRIT Assessment opportunities have now concluded for January 2020 intake students.*

WRIT is a program requirement, Fanshawe enrolls students by default into WRIT and this course will show on your January 2020 timetable automatically.


The WRIT Intake Assessment merely presents a place-out opportunity for students whose writing and critical thinking skills exceed the expectations of this post-admissions, post-secondary curriculum. So:

  1. Before your start date, writing the assessment is recommended but is not a requirement;
  2. After your start date, this testing is not an entitlement.

**If you skip or miss writing the assessment during your testing window, you will simply complete the course, as most students do, to secure your WRIT credit. There is zero adverse impact on your program standing, your fees, or your enrollment should you miss or skip testing.**

What is the WRIT intake assessment?

  • You will write an essay in response to a short reading (called a prompt);
  • The essay will be completed on a computer. Scrap paper is allowed but must be destroyed at the end of your assessment;
  • You will have 50 minutes to read the prompt and write the essay. Please do your best work and follow the instructions carefully. Your course placement depends on the results of this Assessment. Based on our grading criteria, students who demonstrate adequate proficiency will be exempt from the WRIT level 1 course.

Do I need to study for the WRIT intake assessment?

No. The Assessment measures the writing skills that you have developed over many years. It requires no specific study. However, we do recommend that students apply the knowledge and skills they may have learned about essay writing thus far to their assessment.


If you have written the WRIT assessment before, please contact the School of Language and Liberal Studies for advice on how your previous assessment affects your current program. Contact information is available on the WRIT Contacts page.


Important assessment information

If you choose to write the assessment, it must be done before the start of classes

This assessment will not affect your acceptance into the program. 

The assessment session is 50 mins.

Choose one (1) date only to write the WRIT assessment. 

The earlier you write the assessment, the faster we can process your results.

Before you write

  1. Check that your program is listed on the Program Page on the WRIT Programs Page.
  2. Look at the available dates for the assessment listed on the WRIT Assessment - Date and Times page.
    • If you live a great distance from the College, consider writing this assessment using the online proctor option.  More information about your writing options can be found on the Writing Options Page on the Assessment Writing Options page.

What to do when visiting Fanshawe College

Please arrive at the London Campus Test Centre (F2006, 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd.) during the hours available for assessment. The assessment schedule can be found on the page, WRIT Assessment - Dates and Times. You will not need to make an appointment. When you come to London to make arrangements for housing, a campus tour, etc., you may also choose to write the assessment at that time. Information on your writing options can be found on the Assessment Writing Options page.

When and where can I write?

The dates, times, and locations for the WRIT assessment are available on the WRIT Assessment Dates & Times page. Dates are available to write the assessment on the London Campus, as well as more limited times on some Regional Campuses. You also have the option of writing virtually using an online proctoring service.  The processes for writing on campus or from home are outlined on the Assessment Writing Options page.

Students with documented disabilities

If you require disability-related accommodations for your WRIT test, please contact the Test Centre at 519-452-4430 x4588 or you can self-identify if you choose to write virtually or remotely.

Have questions?

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details or e- mail us at: writ@fanshawec.ca