May 2020 start date

For the safety of all students and staff, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the college has decided to suspend the May 2020 WRIT Assessment opportunity for the summer 2020 term.  

What does this mean?

First, the WRIT assessment represents only an “opportunity” for students who believe they have the necessary skill set to be exempted from a mandatory college-level post-secondary course for credit. 

Second, the WRIT assessment is not required to be accepted at the college or into any specific program. The WRIT course, however, is required for most programs at Fanshawe College and is, in many instances, a prerequisite for an advanced-level communication class.

The college will use its existing process for external credits and Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) should a student wish to pursue these options.

My program requires WRIT.  What are my options

If your program requires you to take WRIT, then it will be added to your schedule along with the rest of your required courses. This is typically what occurs under “normal” circumstances. 

While the assessment opportunity is not available for the Summer 2020 intake, students may still pursue an application for external credit if they have taken course(s) at another academic institution that qualifies for an external credit as outlined by the college. 

Students also have the option to pursue the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition opportunity (or PLAR) already in place by the college.

External credits and PLARs remain the only option for students to be exempted from WRIT. If either of these options are not applicable, students will by default take WRIT as part of their program.

Information on applying for an external credit

Information on Fanshawe's PLAR process

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