September 2021

When can I write the assessment?

The Testing Window: The WRIT assessment is available online to students from Monday, June 14th to Sunday, July 18th. This is the “testing window” of opportunity.


Within the testing window, you are free to write the assessment whenever it is convenient for you. Once you begin your test, it is important to note that (1) you only have one attempt AND (2) you have only 50 minutes to complete the assessment.

Our recommendation is that (1) you choose a time and place to write the assessment carefully AND (2) you write the assessment as early as possible.


As WRIT is a program requirement, Fanshawe enrolls students by default into WRIT. The WRIT assessment presents an opportunity for students to place out of this required course. In order to place out of the WRIT course, students must demonstrate the competencies taught in the course; students must meet or exceed the expectations of this post-secondary curriculum. The WRIT assessment is not a requirement; it is an opportunity.

If you do not write the WRIT assessment during the testing window, you will be required to complete the course. If you choose not to write the WRIT assessment, there is no impact on your program standing or your tuition fees