In late May (for the fall term), you will receive a second package in the mail. This is your Registration and Fee Invoice package. Once you pay your non-refundable deposit, you are officially a student, and your next step, getting registered in courses can begin!

For the majority of programs at Fanshawe College, students are registered in their courses and given a class schedule. Class schedules are available on WebAdvisor 4 to 6 weeks before classes begin. The program pages for each program have a list of the courses you will be taking.

Most students will have to take a General Education Elective (or 2 or 3) at some point in their program. You may have to register for a Gen Ed in your very first semester. The General Education Registration website has all of the information you need, please read it carefully.

Students in the General Arts and Science program must choose and register in their courses online.

Information on how to select and register for courses.

In person help in the form of Hands-On Sessions.

For additional help, contact your Student Success Advisor. Find their contact information at

Students in the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business in the Business (BUS1) or Business (Co-op) (BUS2) program can visit the Business Program Homepage on FanshaweOnline for instruction on how to select their Business Electives.