We understand that one of the most important tasks for you as a teacher or guidance counsellor is to help guide students as they choose a career path. A solid understanding of the education options available helps a student make a career choice that's right for them.
We want to make your job an easy one, and we have all the information you need right here about the questions you're asked every day.

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Here's what you need to know:

  • See our current list of highly competitive programs, and encourage your students to apply to these programs by the February 1 equal consideration deadline. 
  • With 200+ career programs and pathways, there are multiple ways for students to earn their credentials, both at Fanshawe and beyond! Use our pathways tool to navigate your students' options. 
  • Pathway options are available for students who have taken workplace-level programs in high school. This is evaluated on a case-by-case level, so please contact admissions@fanshawec.ca for more information.
  • International applicants should apply through the international student application process, instead of OCAS. Please refer all international applicants to Jake Yoon at jkyoon@fanshawec.ca
  • Students receive offers of admission that are conditional on their second semester marks. They will still be given equal consideration with other applicants if they submit their application by February 1, as long as their second semester marks meet the admission standards for their program.


  1. Where can I check the status to see what programs are open and closed?
    Visit our open programs page to view a full listing of programs that are still accepting applications.
  2. Does Fanshawe College automatically send out alternate offers?
    No, we follow up with applicants who are ineligible for their chosen programs or not admitted to competitive programs even when eligible. These applicants are offered guaranteed admission to an alternate program if they apply to the suggested program.
  3. What should my advice be to students applying to oversubscribed programs?
    The best advice for these students is to always have a contingency plan. Research the program thoroughly to ensure that it is a traditionally oversubscribed program and find out what the most direct route into the program is. Contact a member of our Liaison Team or an Admissions and Pathways Advisor for more details. Visit fanshawec.ca/hcp for more details.
  4. What programs are oversubscribed?
    For a complete list of oversubscribed programs with their post-secondary requirements, visit fanshawec.ca/hcp.
  5. Where can students check for entrance scholarships and bursaries?
    Bursaries and scholarships are available through our Financial Aid and Student Awards Office, a great resource for students beginning their research.
  6. Does Fanshawe have a differential between U and C courses?
    No, Fanshawe follows the Ministry Binding Directive on Admissions Policy and does not offer a differential between U- and C-level courses.

For more info, check out our FAQ for Parents