Graduation ceremonies are fully accessible. Graduates and guests requiring accommodations should contact Graduation Services at 519-452-4430 x4123 or


Scented products can cause serious health problems for some people. Strong odors from scented products such as perfumes and aftershaves can cause breathing problems and other ill health effects. The College encourages our Community to reduce or eliminate the use of unnecessary scented products. In choosing to wear fragrance to the graduation ceremonies, please be aware of the negative effect fragrance can have on others' health.

Latex is also a cause for sensitivity, because some of our graduates and guests may experience this, we ask that you please do not bring latex balloons to graduation.


Please arrive with your guests at the Western Fair Complex, one hour prior to the beginning of your ceremony.

Cell phones

We request that you turn your cell phone off during the graduation ceremony.

Childcare arrangements

Graduates and guests must make their own childcare arrangements. Childcare facilities are not available.

Clothing (what to wear)

A wide variety of personal attire is appropriate to wear to graduation, but remember a couple of points:

  • Do not wear hats or corsages with graduation gowns;
  • Graduation gowns are red;
  • Gown length is normally mid-calf; gowns have a v-neck with no collar, and are open in front;
  • Business casual or semi-formal wear is recommended;
  • Graduates, unless they have mobility issues, will walk up and down a short flight of steps. Be aware, slip-on shoes or shoes with high heels may be unstable;
  • Please do not smoke, wear fragrances or eat or drink while wearing a graduation gown.

Guests are encouraged to take photos during the ceremony. A professional photographer will take individual photos of each graduate as they cross the stage. These photos are available at


Parking is available on either side of Florence St. at the Western Fair Complex.

Reception/Meeting your guests

We are pleased to offer a reception after the ceremony is completed, where you can meet your guests and take photos. Light refreshments will be served.

Receiving your credential

Visit the Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates page for details.


Smoking is not permitted inside any of the buildings. If leave the building to smoke, please leave your gown with a guest or with a staff member in the gowning area.

Your name

Your name will appear on your degree, diploma or certificate the same way as your record at Fanshawe College.

  • If there is an error in the spelling of your name, please send a photocopy of one piece of current government-issued photo identification with the correct spelling of your name or two pieces of current government-issued non-photo identification, plus your student number, to the Office of the Registrar, by the end of your graduating term.
  • If your name has changed during your registration at Fanshawe College, perhaps due to a change in your marital status, please send photocopies of two pieces of current government-issued identification (e.g., marriage certificate and one additional piece of identification) with your new name, plus your student number, to the Office of the Registrar, by the end of your graduating term.

Take your guest to guest seating area and give them all your valuables, even your coat. The area where you assemble is not locked and your valuables may be at risk.

Live video stream

If you or your guests are not able to attend graduation, the ceremony is available through live video stream. A link to streaming video will be posted at during the ceremonies.