Selection is based on high school grades. For competitive programs, post-secondary grades will also be taken into consideration. Graduate programs require a college diploma or a degree.

Sending in your college or university transcript(s) may give you extra consideration. If you are currently enrolled, your transcript must include your final grades from the fall semester. If applying to competitive programs you must submit your post-secondary transcripts as soon as possible, but we recommend no later than February 8. Transcripts from Ontario colleges or universities must be requested online through

Mature applicants must submit high school transcripts through You must also have completed the required courses or provide proof of enrolment in these courses for admission consideration for your program choice.

If you are taking a correspondence course to meet entrance requirements, you must complete at least half of the units in the course by March 29 in order to ensure completion before September.

Note: Fanshawe must receive a final mark for required admission courses three weeks prior to the start of classes.

Program change(s), additional program choices and address/telephone changes can be made through your online application or call at 1-888-892-2228. It is important to keep your application information up to date.