More information about mature student services at Fanshawe

Applications for post-secondary programs need to be submitted to Ontario College Application Services (OCAS) in Guelph before February 1st for full consideration for programs commencing the following September or January. Contact the Office of the Registrar for information concerning the application process.

Mature Applicant Admission Exams
For programs that require standing in Secondary School courses (e.g. Grade 12 English, Math or Sciences) the College has established Admission Exams for Adult Learners. Students can choose to take admission exams to compete for entry, rather than rely on out-of-date Secondary School grades. A moderate fee is charged for each examination. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition - Get the Credit You Deserve
Through the Prior Learning Assessment process you may be eligible to achieve college credit for skills and knowledge you have already gained through work or other life experiences. Prior Learning Assessment is a formal process that enables eligible candidates to demonstrate learning that they believe is equivalent to the learning outcomes of one or more Fanshawe College courses. Credit acquired through this process not only provides recognition for prior learning but may also reduce the amount of time required to complete a certificate or diploma.

For more information, please contact:
Admissions and Pathways Advisor, The Advising Centre
Phone: (519) 452-4277
Room: E1012 (1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London)

Pre-College Preparation
Your Pathway to College Success
'Learner pathway' describes the route taken by students to achieve their educational goals. Pathways are not always linear and in an increasingly knowledge-based society and economy, they do not always have pre-determined end or starting points.

The Ontario government's Pre-College Preparation/Literacy & Basic Skills (LBS) Program and the Academic & Career Entrance (A.C.E.) Certificate Program provide literacy, numeracy and essential skills services to help learners acquire the skills for entry into the goal paths of: postsecondary education, (pre)/apprenticeship training, or enhanced employment. Designed for mature learners who have not successfully completed their high school diploma with a focus on building the necessary steps for pathways for students to meet their personal, professional and career goals.

Pre-College Preparation Courses & Program Features

  • Intake & Assessment Process that measures communication and numeracy skill levels
  • 6-Week Modular Semesters with Continuous Intake - Completion within 12 weeks of study per level
  • Essential Employability / Computer Literacy Skills component embedded into the 15-20 hours of curriculum per week
  • Intensive support from a Learning Coach where attained skills are practiced specific to individualized learner plans
  • "Ready to Learn" Workshops and Orientation Sessions scheduled to help students transition into their new learning environment
  • Weekly Assessments for ease of entry into the program

For more information, please contact Market Tower (Downtown London):
Phone: 519-452-4430 x6501

Learning to Learn
Classes are provided by Continuing Education to help mature students improve their academic performance in either full- or part-time studies. These classes are presented before the start of each semester. A small fee is charged.

For more information:
Continuing Education
Phone: (519) 452-4444
Room: A1021 (1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London)

College Readiness Workshops for the Adult Learner!
For students who expect to start classes in either September or January, sessions are arranged and advertised in the summer and late fall. You will receive notice of when and where the sessions will occur in the mail, along with your acceptance notification from Fanshawe College. Information is given to prepare the adult students for coping with their new environment, its challenges and opportunities. Current adult students are invited to share their "tips for success" to incoming students. This can be an enriching and interesting session!

Fanshawe Student Union
The Student Union offers many family oriented events throughout the year including special family events at special prices. Participate in your student government and help make a difference. The Student Union President can also act as advocate for you, should you have a concern about college policy.

For more information:
Student Union Building (S.U.B.)
Phone: (519) 452-4109
Room: F1011 (1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London)