What are my financial responsibilities?

During the application process, Fanshawe requires a financial commitment from you to guarantee your seat is held in your program.  This also applies to students entering higher levels in their program.

Try your best to keep the Office of the Registrar informed of changes or delays to your funding support.  We're here to help guide you through the transition to your new career and your success is important to us.  

So you’ve confirmed your acceptance and received your Offer of Admission letter … what now?

Once you confirm your acceptance, you will receive a fee invoice in the mail.  It's important you pay the amount due on the invoice before the deadline date.  If you can't pay the fees, come to the Office of the Registrar in-person before the due date to arrange for a fee payment extension. Note: A copy of the signed contract is necessary before a fee payment extension can be requested.

Please note:  once you pay your fees (or make arrangements for a fee payment extension) you have become financially obligated to Fanshawe; this obligation is between you and Fanshawe College.  The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities controls your funding agreement; Fanshawe College has no control over these funds.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the financial policies regarding fees, payments, withdrawals, and refunds.