How can Fanshawe help you?

We know this process can be downright scary for most people.  That's why we've done our best to put the information you need on our website for you to access at your convenience.

Academic Upgrading

You've met with your Employment Counsellor and selected your desired program at Fanshawe.  But you need to upgrade some courses before you can be admitted into the program.

Not to worry!  We have a College, Career and Employment Prep department that can get you there!  They can help you get what you need to meet your program admission requirements. Click here to get the information…

Employment Services

You've may or may not have met with your Employment Counsellor and are not sure about which career path you should choose.

Not to worry!  Community Employment Services Fanshawe can help you get on the right track with their career exploration and planning services.  And, when you become a student at Fanshawe, you can access our on-campus Career Services department.