Q. What do I do if I would like to appeal my final grade?

A. Please visit the website to review Policy A128: Student Appeals. The policy provides the process and grounds for appeal available to students.

In addition, the Office of the Ombuds provides impartial, confidential, support and options for students that may include an informal remedy or formal appeal. The Ombuds Office also provides guidance on College policies and procedures, helps to clarify issues and advises students of their rights and responsibilities. With your consent, the Ombuds may connect with academic units or student services departments to help facilitate alternative, fair solutions.

Please visit www.fanshawec.ca/Ombuds for more information or to book an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What resources are available to determine if I should appeal an academic decision?

A. All students are encouraged to discuss concerns with their professor with the goal to achieve a fair outcome. Students may contact their Academic Advisor or Program Coordinator to discuss their concerns and possible solutions. The College Ombuds is available to help clarify issues, provide impartial, confidential, support and options for students that may include an informal remedy or formal appeal.

Q. What are the reasons for an appeal?

A. Student must have reasonable grounds for an Appeal that include: merit of work, medical/legal or compassionate reasons, procedural error or any other unfair treatment. Examples include a grade appeal or academic standing, an academic integrity sanction that may not be warranted.

Q. How do I access an appeal form?

A. The Notice of Appeal form is available at https://forms.fanshawec.ca/noticeofappeal.

Q. Who can help me during the appeal process?

A. The Fanshawe Student Union's Advocacy and Communication Coordinator can assist students with their appeal submissions by appointment, and may accompany them to an appeal meeting if schedules permit. Students can book appointments with the Advocacy and Communications Coordinator via email at t_prasad@fanshawec.ca. Please visit www.fsu.ca for more information.

Q. Is there a time limit for appeals?

A. Yes, a Notice of Appeal form must be submitted within seven business days from the time the student becomes aware, or should have become aware, of the issue in question.