An Online Verification of Enrolment Letter (VOEL) is an official document provided electronically by the Office of the Registrar. It can be used as confirmation of your current enrolment. You may be able to use the VOEL for RESP purposes, confirmation of student status for family insurance plans, etc. Please note, the VOEL cannot be used for OSAP or immigration purposes.

Before you can obtain a Verification of Enrolment Letter, you must be a full-time registered student at Fanshawe College. Your registration status can be verified through two options:

Online Verification of Enrolment Letter:

*NEW: Service Canada will accept an attestation through your online student account in lieu of a completed Declaration of Attendance form. The Verification of Enrolment Letter meets all outlined Service Canada requirements for CPP Declaration of Attendance purposes.

Complete the Verification of Enrolment Letter Request and access your letter instantly. Have an RESP form?  Please check your RESP provider's requirements, an online Verification of Enrolment may be all that is required.

Document Requests: Alternate Verification of Enrolment Letter, RESP form request, CPP form request

Please submit a request via the Document Request Form if you require:

  1. A letter that is more detailed than the standard Verification of Enrolment Letter. For example, the letter needs to indicate that you are registered as a part-time student or that you withdrew from your courses.
    • Please allow five business days for processing of alternate letters. You must be registered before your Verification of Enrolment Letter can be processed.
    • Check with your RESP provider to see if our Online Verification of Enrolment Letter is all you require.
    • Confirmation of Enrolment for OSAP – Click here for more information about Confirmation of Enrolment for OSAP.
  2. A letter for immigration purposes
    • Please allow 15 business days processing of alternate letters. Letters are emailed to your FanshaweOnline (FOL account).
  3. Domestic students: an RESP Verification of Enrolment form or a CPP Declaration of Attendance form to be completed by the Office of the Registrar.
    • The completed RESP Verification of Enrolment form or CPP Declaration of Enrolment form will be emailed to the address you have provided on the submitted Document Request form
    •  You are then responsible for forwarding the documents by mail to Service Canada or your RESP provider, if applicable.
    • Note: Students must be registered before an RESP form can be processed. CPP Declaration of Attendance forms cannot be completed prior to the first day of classes.