Leveraging every ounce of his Fanshawe College diploma to create an amazing career in community service, Malcolm Bromley is now stewarding one of Canada’s most majestic natural spaces – Vancouver’s Stanley Park.


In 2010, Malcolm left a senior position at the City of Toronto to assume a diverse portfolio as general manager of Vancouver’s Board of Parks and Recreation – with responsibility for historic Stanley Park. This exciting opportunity bolstered Malcolm’s passion for community service, with two leading-edge public benefit policies holding special meaning. He is proud of collaborative community work launched to eliminate barriers faced by trans* and gender variant citizens in accessing parks and recreation services. As a result of a Working Group focused on “Building a Path to Parks and Recreation for All,” universal washrooms with inclusive trans*friendly signage and access to facilities are now standard, enabling all to feel welcome.


Under Malcolm’s leadership, dialogue was also launched with the First Nations, whose unceded territories include Stanley Park. The First Nations are now members of a Working Table determining a joint vision. The Chiefs invited Malcolm to serve as witness to the erection of a survivors’ totem pole, reinforcing the Malcolm Bromley Approach (MBA) centred on the golden rule, listening and open-mindedness.