Learning to be a home builder is a craft passed down through generations. Growing up on job sites - alongside his parents who founded Wastell Homes in 1979 - Douglas Wastell learned every aspect of house-building from the ground up. Now, as company president, Doug embraces new building sciences and emerging technologies, while balancing proven family strategies. And, as a five-time winner of the London Home Builders' Association "Builder of The Year" Award, Wastell Homes is a celebrated industry leader.

Since running a family business never stops, Doug aligns his volunteerism with his work. Demonstrating his passion for health, Doug has partnered on 12 London Health Sciences Foundation Dream Homes, including the most recent one, and helps to maximize lottery ticket sales. Doug also liaises with teachers introducing young women to the trades, as he wants everyone to receive a positive impression of the construction industry.

With the purchase of a home being one of life's biggest decisions, Doug is grateful for his Fanshawe business marketing program, which taught him to enhance the Wastell brand, reinforce the sales side of the business and understand the psychology behind a sale, so he is well-equipped to fulfil the dreams of his clients.