Dr. Louise Giles is heartened by the collaborative work underway in the field of pediatric pulmonary medicine on both sides of the border. Because of her specialized work at the University of Manitoba, Louise was wooed to the University of Chicago Medicine in 2013. She accepted this new post, as her biggest love is caring for kids with asthma, and this role enables her to focus on the neediest among this patient group.

Louise is an assistant professor at the University of Chicago. As a physician, who provides education as the Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship program director, Louise also serves as the medical director of respiratory services, and the Comer Asthma Center - a one-stop place for asthma care, with clinical support, outreach and education.

Similarly, while working as a pediatric respirologist in Manitoba, Louise collaborated with the Canadian Lung Association and government bodies to create the National Lung Health Framework, and continues as a member a decade later. Reflecting on her successful work with so many partners, Louise points to her early education by excellent nurses in Fanshawe's nursing program. They taught her to be well-prepared and to never stop learning. Now, Louise believes that nursing perspective makes her a better physician.