Creating a positive work environment for young auto body students is a goal for recent graduate Mike Papoff, and a legacy to his time at Fanshawe College. After graduating from the Auto Body and Collision Repair Program in 2012, Mike is now back in the Fanshawe School of Transportation, Technology and Apprenticeship classroom and repair shop - as a faculty member - imparting his knowledge and optimistic attitude to those following in his footsteps.

As a self-proclaimed late-bloomer, and a mature student when he embarked on his apprenticeship, Mike was motivated to make the most of his educational opportunity. Having dropped out of school to work in an auto body shop, he soon realized both high school and college credentials were required to fully succeed in his craft. With this goal in mind, Mike returned to school to earn his remaining credits, with the support of his boss. Once he completed high school, Fanshawe provided context to years of on-the-job-training, and many "a-ha" moments to support Mike’s experience, as a successful and sought-after entrepreneur. 

With only word-of-mouth advertising, Mike's quality craftsmanship and attention to detail have earned him a far-reaching reputation, including references in industry magazines and different automotive and related publications.