I AM...a Professor of a Student Athlete

The Athletics Department realizes that students are here for an education first and athletic participation second. The common reference to Falcon student athletes is intentionally ordered so that students identify themselves as students first and foremost. In addition to graduating student athletes, Athletics is also interested in winning on the playing surface. Recent academic results suggest as a group, that these students do as well or slightly better then the general student population.

Student athletes greatly benefit from your support in the classroom as well they appreciate your understanding when varsity competition requires them to miss classes, tests or assignments. Student athletes are expected to inform you early about absence and conflicts. Additionally, they are not to use participation in athletics as an excuse to hand things in late. As a department, our expectation is that these students are taking personal responsibility for their education and communicating in a timely and effective way. In some cases, especially with playoffs, requests for absences may come on a shorter notice but regular season absences should be communicated shortly after roster selection.

In some cases, you may contacted by an Athletic Officer if a student athlete has identified a concern or is struggling. We will try to put the necessary supports in place to assist that student athlete. The purpose of our contact is to seek your feedback and insights on what interventions would assist them in moving towards success.       

In the event you have a concern about a student athlete, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Athletic Officer.

Ernie Durocher - edurocher@fanshawec.ca or Joanne Verbeek - jverbeek@fanshawec.ca