I AM...a Parent of a Student Athlete

At Fanshawe, we care a great deal about your son or daughter as both a student and an athlete. Our recent academic information on student athletes suggest that as a group they perform better or equal to the general student population. 

In addition to the Athletic Officers, there are other Fanshawe College staff available to support them. We have a rich blend of support that assist students as they move towards graduation. This professional staff works with our diverse student population on a daily basis.

Student Success Advisors

Learning Centre

Peer Tutoring

Counselling and Accessibility Services

If you have any questions about the progress and performance of your son or daughter, please do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Officers.

Ernie Durocher – edurocher@fanshawec.ca or Joanne Verbeek – jverbeek@fanshawec.ca