May 7 to August 24, 2018.

Thursdays, 12 to 2 p.m. plus 1 hour online.

Band 1 course descriptions

INDS-1086-60: Cuba: Revolution, Resilience & Salsa

In this course, students will examine the culture, mystery and controversy that are embodied in Cuba. Beginning with Cuba's first encounters with imperialism and her struggle for independence, we will study events of pivotal importance in Cuba's development: the revolution; alliance with the Soviet Union and the Bay of Pigs invasion; the infamous blockade; life in Cuba today. From education to health care to politics to agriculture to the arts, every aspect of life in the revolutionary republic in which Canadians love to vacation will be explored. Finally, we will ponder Cuba's role in the world today, some of her greatest challenges and issues, and what we in Canada might conclude about our unique neighbour to the south.

PSYC-1055-60: Positive Psychology

This course explores the nature of well-being, happiness and the good life.  Course content includes a sampling of psychological theories, research and intervention techniques used in understanding the positive, adaptive, creative, and emotionally fulfilling elements of human behaviour.

PSYC-1063-60: Seeing is Not Always Believing

Have you ever wondered why things look blurry underwater or why people drive too fast in fog?   This course demystifies the processes through which we see the world.  Our visual system, including the brain, is necessary for us to make sense of what is out there and how to interact with it. We will examine issues such as motion, colour blindness, illusions, how the eye works, stereoscopic vision, development of vision, and perception of faces.

SOCI-1048-60: The Meaning of Sex

Although we often think of sex and sexuality as natural processes, social influences also affect sexual attitudes and behaviours.  This course will examine sexuality from a sociological perspective, examining how interactions, culture, and institutions affect this important dimension of human life.  Ranging in topics as diverse as sexualized media to prostitution, the course will examine the impact of sexual culture, norms, and institutions in the modern world.