Fanshawe reaches 200,000 graduates!

Friday, November 22, 2019
Photo of Fanshawe College's 200,000 alumni, Haley Adlred

This year, our Fanshawe community celebrated an important milestone – we now have over 200,000 alumni living and working around the world! This was an incredible milestone moment 52 years in the making and we congratulate all our 2019 graduates for being a part of it.

Haley Adlred was selected to represent Fanshawe’s 200,000 alumni. Haley graduated from the Child and Youth Care (CYC) program and was selected to represent Fanshawe’s milestone because she exemplified the true spirit and work ethic of Fanshawe students. Haley lost her father during her second year of the program and the circumstances caused her to consider dropping out of school. She accessed the College’s Counselling and Accessibility Services and received tremendous support from her professors and fellow classmates.

According to Julie Cross, coordinator of the Child and Youth Care program, “Haley’s story, though her own, represents similar stories faced by so many of our students who have to manage and deal with all the curve balls life throws at them while they are trying to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.”


Group photo from Fanshawe College's 2019 Graduation


Child and Youth Care is a three-year advanced diploma that teaches students to work within the education system, such as group homes, boards of education, children’s aid societies, treatment centers and hospitals. Haley says, “The main reason I chose Fanshawe and the Child and Youth Care program was because of the layout of the semesters. I loved that it gave you the opportunity to do a full-time semester in the field, because it gave you the opportunity to understand and get a feel for what it would be like to work full time as a CYC provider.”     

Fanshawe gave Haley the opportunity to learn a broad range of skills, allowing her to provide care and treatment for children and youth experiencing emotional, behavioural, social and mental health challenges. Haley also mentioned, “Being in this program you talk a lot about mental health. In my second year, I experienced a great loss. I was so fortunate to be provided with endless support from Fanshawe’s services such as counselling, as well as my professors. Fanshawe really allowed me to work through my loss and continue school. By no means was it easy at all for me, but there is no way I could’ve continued on without the support of my professors, peers and Fanshawe!”        

Haley graduated at the November 6, 2019 convocation ceremony. She has aspirations to continue her career at Ryerson University to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care with a minor in Criminology. “My goals and aspirations would be to assist children and youth by positively improving their mental health struggles. Mental health has a large stigma around it and I would like to work on decreasing that stigma. I want to focus on youth in the system bettering their lives and getting on track to have a successful future.”

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