Get the most out of your virtual Open House experience

Monday, March 22, 2021
Get the most out of virtual open house

Choosing the right post-secondary experience is harder than usual right now. Without the ability to visit campuses, it can be difficult to get a sense of what your experience will be like in college.

If Fanshawe is on your short list, be sure to mark, Saturday, March 27, 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. in your calendar and pre-register at

A school’s virtual open house is a great way to get insight into what life will be like as a student; but a virtual open house can be overwhelming, so we want to help you prepare to make the most of the experience. Virtual open houses or preview days can differ from school to school, so here are our suggestions to get as much as possible out of your Fanshawe Virtual Open House experience.


1  Register in advance and make a plan

Here’s how you can plan for Fanshawe’s Virtual Open House:

  • Register in advance at;
  • Refresh your knowledge on the program you’ve applied to and what services are available to you at Fanshawe through our Open House On Demand video playlist;
  • Write a plan for your day; visit our session list to note when all of the sessions you want to attend are occurring.
    Note: while sessions may be blocked for a specific length of time, you are welcome to move between sessions however it makes sense to you. 
  • Include the Info Kiosk in your plan for the day. Our team will be there to help you navigate the virtual event and be available to help you find answers to questions you aren’t sure where to ask. 

2  Check your technology

Student using smartphone to attend virtual open house

Fanshawe’s sessions will take place on GoToWebinar and Zoom. Here are few tips to consider: 

  • Decide how you’ll take part in Virtual Open House - computer or smart phone? 
  • Do you need to download anything?
    • Computer – no downloads required 
    • Smartphone apps: GoToWebinar iOS | Android  Zoom iOS |Android 
  • Test your speakers, mic and camera (for Zoom session only).
    Note: you are not required to turn on your mic or camera at any point, however the option will be available in some Zoom rooms.

3  Come prepared to ask questions

This is your opportunity to speak with faculty, staff and current students. At Fanshawe’s event, we are here to answer all of your questions and provide you with insight into our student experience.

Here are a few questions to ask at a college open house: 

  • What hands-on learning opportunities does this program offer?
  • Is there a co-op, placement or internship with this program?
  • Will I get to work on any real-world projects or with actual companies or businesses?
  • What sorts of careers can this program lead to? What types of jobs are graduates of this program getting?
  • Are there any pathways to degrees or additional education through this program?
  • How can I best prepare to be successful in this program? (courses, summer job, independent learning, etc.)

4  Complete your application or accept your offer!

It’s time to make your decision! Whether you’re ready to apply or ready to accept your offer, you can head to to take your next steps towards your post-secondary journey. 

Experiencing open house events at the schools you have applied to can be a game changer. Even though these events will be virtual and you won’t get to step foot in the buildings, you will get to experience one of the most important parts of college - the people! The people are what will define your experience at college and open houses, even when virtual, are your opportunity to speak with faculty, staff and students, so you definitely want to attend.  

Fanshawe’s Virtual Open House is a chance for you to ask your questions, get the support you need and make your final decision. We hope that after you’ve spent some time with us, you’re ready to choose Fanshawe. If you need some help, please stop by our event Info Kiosk.  

Did you know? Anyone who applies or accepts an offer of admission to Fanshawe by Monday, March 29, will receive a special package from Fanshawe in the mail in April!


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