Customer Service Standard

Our service charter

The Corporate Training Solutions (CTS) Team is dedicated and committed to providing a high standard of service in a confidently and professionally manner to our clients, employers and community organizations in the training of students. Your business needs will be addressed to increase employee fulfillment, resulting in new avenues of growth in productivity, engagement and retention.

Our mission

We enhance communities, employers and individuals We are competitive in meeting the present and changing needs of society in both commerce and industry. We provide high-quality service to support clients in obtaining positive results with our customized training approach. by assessing needs, building relationships and delivering quality training and services.

Service values

  • We value the trust that is placed in us by our clients, employers and community organizations. Our work is conducted with the highest ethical standards, integrity, and confidentiality;
  • We provide outstanding training and services that deliver premium value to our clients, employers and community organizations;
  • We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

Our service objective

We will strive to:

  • Deliver high-quality training services to ensure that customers are satisfied;
  • Inspire engagement with online learning, customizing it to your training, tracking and reporting needs;
  • Work with you to identify your business needs and challenges and will recommend suitable solutions;
  • Help you gather, analyze, and integrate information so you can be confident in making fact-based decisions;
  • Assist you in examining both your internal and external environments to develop your goals and objectives, as well, we will assist you in a plan for implementation;
  • Continually evaluate and provide an analytic framework for a better understanding of how skills and subject matter, currently or potentially, contribute to the learning outcomes of a program;
  • Assist you in selecting the right options for your event, looking after all details;
  • Provide friendly and professional communications with a focus on developing and strengthening relationships;
  • Support you in remote and virtual working and training environments.

Our service standards

We will achieve this by:

  • Utilizing our Library and Media Services (LMS) team to assist in evaluation and testing through the use of exams, with reflection on activities for feedback and follow-up as well as engaging their learners in a blended training environment
  • Creating online surveys, customer satisfaction assessments and conduct an in-depth market analysis;
  • Supporting the use of data for advanced analytics, data visualization and dashboard development;
  • Working with you to utilize our services to develop mission and vision statements and a competitive analysis of proposals and business development;
  • Providing a more accurate picture of an organization’s training needs and the return-on-investment of a training program;
  • Providing you with the following event services:
    • Outdoor venue consultation; booking and access;
    • Catering services and dietary accommodations;
    • On-site assistance;
    • CTS coordination (security, cleaning services, grounds, etc.);
    • Photography;
  • Providing support tools and guides for your virtual work environment with a quality approach to virtual meetings (etiquette guide, process documentation, agendas, etc.);
  • Listening and understanding the nature of your request:
    • Respond to incoming requests via all channels within 24 hours during our business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.);
    • Should your request warrant it, direct you to another division or school by providing you with contact information of the person you are being transferred to;
    • Where an answer will take more than 3 days in responding, we will inform you of the steps being taken to respond to your inquiry.