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What is the Fanshawe Career Coach?

Fanshawe Career Coach is a free online tool that connects users with job opportunities in Ontario, as well as educational and training programs offered by Fanshawe College.

  • Job Market Assessment: Start by entering a keyword into the search field and selecting any region in Ontario. Users can search for information on many occupations and get valuable insight on how jobs in these professions are performing. The search will also return up-to-date job postings and training programs available through Fanshawe College.
  • Career Assessment: For users who are unsure about possible career paths, or would like to see if a particular career is a good fit for them, the Fanshawe Career Coach offers a short and long version personality test. Once completed, the assessment will return a personalized career recommendation.
  • Resumé Builder: Users who need help building a resumé can use the Fanshawe Career Coach to prepare a professional resumé. All the relevant information that employers require is entered in by the user and it organizes the data into a professional template. Once complete, users can download their resumé in either a Word document or as a PDF and send it out to employers.
  • Save your profile: Users may create a profile, save career and job searches, career assessments, and more.

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