Business Momentum Series


Business Momentum Series

For small businesses and medium size businesses alike, the human resources function can be helpful for much more than simply processing payroll or handling recruitment once a year. Human resources plays an essential role in developing a company’s strategy, handling the employee-centered activities of an organization, and paying attention to legislation.


Module 1: Full Cycle Recruitment

1 Day

An effective recruitment process reduces turnover and increases organizational productivity by matching the right person to the right job. The recruitment process is costly both in terms of time and resources and it is therefore critical that the right candidate is appointed the first time. A full cycle recruitment process starts from writing job descriptions, creating effective job postings, screening, interviewing, selecting the right candidates, providing hire letters, all the way to onboarding the new employees.

Module 2: Performance Management

1 Day

Effective performance management results in the development of employees and maximizes their contributions to the organization. In this workshop, participants will learn how to engage in ongoing, two-way dialogue about expectations, priorities and performance. By providing specific feedback, setting clear expectations, and creating dialogue around strengths and growth opportunities, participants will create an effective performance management process for their team.

Module 3: Coaching for a Better Workplace

1 Day

Coaches work with individuals, teams and organizations to maximize their potential. They bring out the best in people by focusing on improving their performance, communications, relationships, and personal leadership. Coaching skills are essential for formal and informal leaders and managers who want to maximize their leadership edge and motivate and inspire individuals.


Module 4: Powerful Negotiation

1 Day

You negotiate every day. It may be with customers, clients, colleagues, your boss or employees. In successful negotiations, the needs of all parties are met. Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, funding a new initiative or agreeing on who will take on specific tasks or assignments, negotiation is inevitably at the heart of the process. This workshop is designed for individuals who want to increase their ability to negotiate with others through a step-by-step guide.


Module 5: Introduction to Labour and Employment Law

1 Day

There are several laws that govern your fundamental obligations to your employer and your employees and by law you must know these with precision. Ignorance will not protect you from your duties or the impending fines if you are found negligent. This workshop will highlight key responsibilities under the Employment Standards Act, the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the Human Rights Code and the various labour codes.


Module 6: Occupational Health and Safety

1 Day or 2 Days

Supervisors and employers have legal responsibilities for occupational health and safety in the workplace. This workshop will provide an overview of key requirements common for all businesses in Ontario. Participants will work in small groups to develop key documents, acquire tools, and develop action plans for use back in the workplace.



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