Personal Vision Development

Many of us are challenged when making both minor and life-changing decisions. Or, even with a chosen path, we lose direction and are back to square one wondering what's next? Having a Personal Vision rooted in your values is like having both a rudder and an anchor - it puts you in control of the direction your life is taking at any life stage. In this course, you will be led through a process to define your personal values and vision. In doing so, you will align your actions and intentions so that you achieve what most matters to you relative to your career, family, social, personal and/or community life. At the end of the in-class workshop you will have a draft personal vision rooted in your values. You will then conduct a 1-hour follow-up phone call with the instructor to work with you one-on-one to align your personal vision with your deepest most insightful goals. Participants are typically surprised and inspired by the clarity and ownership they feel for the personal vision they define in this process.

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