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Developed and authorized by the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC), the MMP Education and Certification Program consists of eight modules. The modules are structured to progressively help participants understand and embrace the various concepts necessary to be effective as a maintenance and physical asset management professional. MMP program provides training and accreditation to those aspiring to, or already in, maintenance management or supervisory positions. Certified MMPs are qualified to provide cost effective management of a business’s physical assets.

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Module 1 - Integrated Strategy for Maintenance MTNC-1019  LC
Module 2 - Production & Operations Management PROD-1028 LC
Module 3 - Human Resources Management MGMT-1105  LC
Module 4 - Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager  ACCT-3032  LC
Module 5 - Developing Maintenance Tactics  MTNC-3002  
Module 6 - Maintenance Work Management MTNC-3005  
Module 7 - Computerized Maintenance Management  MGMT-5026  
Module 8 - Capstone Course  MTNC-5002  


Course Descriptions:

Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager (ACCT-3032)

Focus will be on the application of accounting and finance principles as it pertains to the maintenance management role. The module will give you an understanding in the foundation principles of accounting and cover the four main pillars of accounting knowledge the maintenance manager needs to support a successful maintenance department. These four main pillars are: project analysis, budgeting/forecasting, cost analysis for managerial decisions and micro inventory.


Integrated Strategy for Maintenance-Module 1 (MTNC-1019)

Module 1 introduces you to an integrated and holistic approach to maintenance and asset management. It provides a perspective and structure to apply to an organization to see how the organizational performance can be improved through areas of maintenance and asset management.


Module 3 - Human Resources Management (MGMT-1105)

Module 3 looks at how human resources practices relate to the maintenance environment. Topics include: understanding the legal aspects of human resource management, dealing with labour issues, human resource planning, applying recruitment and selection procedures, orientation, training and employee development, performance appraisals, performance management, the union management interface, compensation management, safety.


Computerized Maintenance Management (MGMT-5026)

Module 7 is a study of the features, benefits and the effective use of a CMMS or EAM computerized maintenance work management process.  Topics include: selection, implementation and optimization of a suitable computerized maintenance management system.


Capstone Course (MTNC-5002)

Students will review the major teaching points from the previous MMP modules to help enable them to apply the principles, latest concepts and techniques to real maintenance problems found in the students' work. The facilitator will guide the review discussions. Working in small groups or teams, students will each select a maintenance problem found in their place of work. Upon approval from the facilitator, the team will work together to provide a solution to the identified problem.


Maintenance Work Management (MTNC-3005)

Planning, scheduling and work coordination form the foundations to maintenance's ability to add value to the goods and/or services of their companies and customers. Effective planning and scheduling ensure that the right things are done at the right time using the right resources and the right tools in an effort to enhance process reliability while minimizing interruptions to production processes and/or services. This module provides a study of the fundamental principles of the planning and scheduling process in addition to the basics of planning, scheduling and work coordination methods. Upon completion of this module, participants will have a sound understanding of planning and scheduling tools and how to apply them to effectively transition from reactive to proactive and physical asset management. Key learning elements include effective use of resources, aligning maintenance activities with production or service schedules, developing and documenting maintenance strategies and integrating proactive maintenance tactics.


Developing Maintenance Tactics (MTNC-3002)

Module 5 focuses on maintenance efforts to ensure that physical assets safely, capably, reliably and repeatedly perform to their designed specifications. Focus is on techniques to develop maintenance tactics that will address how the assets are used, how they are likely to fail, the consequence of failure, and identifying maintenance tactics that are both
feasible and worth doing.


Production & Operations Management (PROD-1028)

This module links maintenance strategies with those of production and operations. By studying production methodologies maintenance managers will be better prepared to apply these techniques to improve the performance of their business unit and align their efforts to support the production goals of the organization.