Entrepreneurial Series

Entrepreneurs are responsible not only growing their business, but also for business duties including hiring employees, accounting, sales and marketing. This series will accelerate your learning, while helping you avoid costly mistakes and gain practical business knowledge, valuable contacts and hands-on experience to grow your business and teams


Stand and Deliver

1 Day

Are you often called upon to give speeches or make business presentations for your organization – either in a boardroom or ballroom? In this workshop, we start with managing the stress and nerves of presenters, all the way to vocal tones and body.


Do-It-Yourself Public Relations 

1 Day

PR has the power to grow your product, service and brand! Today’s entrepreneurs are doing it all themselves on a budget. Learn how to harness your skills to get media attention and use social media and the Internet to your advantage. You can write press releases, start campaigns, and get the attention of the public without the help of a big PR firm!


Financial Planning 

1 Day

Every small business owner needs to secure the basics of accounting and bookkeeping in order to understand the financial health of their business. Practical topics include bookkeeping, taxes, source deductions, how to find a bookkeeper and basic understanding on reading financial statements.


Introduction to Project Management

1 Day

Project management is a highly sought after discipline that involves the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to plan and execute projects effectively and efficiently. In this workshop, participants learn organizational and project systems; develop an awareness of factors that affect managing projects; explore the tools and techniques for putting the project plan into action; monitoring progress; and learn when to take corrective action to achieve project objectives


Entrepreneurial Wellness

1 Day

Did you know that people who live a lifestyle of wellness almost always perform better than those who don’t? To be productive in business, entrepreneurs must understand how to recharge to allow for maximum focus and productivity. This workshop will provide a reality check through self-assessment, with tools and techniques to re-charge and re-energize.