Intercultural Competency Advantage Program

The ICA program acknowledges difference as a strength and that diversity is an asset for effectiveness and productiveness in any sector. The program also recognizes that lived experiences and self-reflection are the springboards to inclusion. This is why ICAP listens to its clients to provide client-centred as well as evidence-based tools and strategies.


The Essentials of Intercultural Competency  

1 Day

Through activities and discussion, the workshop illustrates the central concepts to kick off the journey towards intercultural competency. The definitions of culture, unconscious biases, and situational privileges are analyzed through case studies. Participants will take home concrete strategies to turn situations of potential conflict due to culturally diverse approaches, into opportunities to increase engagement and effectiveness.


Effective Intercultural Communication

1 Day

Our communication style is deeply affected by the cultural lens through which we make sense of the surrounding world. That lens is usually a support to the communication but could become an obstacle when interacting with culturally diverse people. This workshop provides tools and suggestions on how to adapt our style situation by situation and make every interaction a successful experience.


Power & Systemic Discrimination

1 Day

Being intercultural competent requires the ability to functionally adapt decisions and actions to complex situations where cultural diversity is in place. Intergenerational relationships at work, or discrimination based on gender or religious beliefs, are all areas in which our usual strategies to define the issues and elaborate potential solutions could be ineffective because of the cultural lens that affects our judgments and others’. Participants will acquire the necessary skills to successfully navigate these complex situations, through the identification of personal, organizational, and systemic elements. A special section for HR specialists is available to deepen the training around hiring processes, from job advertisement to promotions.