[reboot] Leadership Experience

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Daily Activities 

  • [reboot] equips participants with practical skills, promotes self-awareness and examines shared experiences.
  • Daily activities will include a series of case studies and practical outdoor exercises designed to help participants identify their current leadership styles, as well as establish and work towards their personal leadership goals.
  • Step outside your comfort zone, push your boundaries and shift your mindset.

Programs and Themes 

Leadership and Character 

  • To lead others you must first lead yourself. That requires self-awareness and management of who you are, how you think and feel, and how you do things.

  • Resilient leaders can sustainably operate in high-stress environments, bounce back from challenges, and even grow from the experience.
  • Accountable leaders take responsibility for their actions and those of their team, are open to feedback, and are answerable for their decisions.

Collaboration and Innovation

  • Innovation is about fundamentally understanding a user’s needs and the problem to be solved. The process then proceeds to rapid prototyping and experimentation with learning from failure being the key to success.
  • Complex issues are best suited to collaborative problem solving and open communications, all underpinned by deep trust.

People and Culture

  • Trust is the #1 determinant of team effectiveness. Building an organizational culture that is high trust is a leader’s top priority.
  • Proper feedback techniques foster a culture of personal and team accountability, enable people to reach beyond their perceived potential, and makes communications transparent.


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