Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 

Due to rapid changes in markets and technologies, there is an increasing need for innovation and growth. Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever! Currently, everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and the many different explanations of its meaning. There are varied opportunities on how companies can improve their productivity, quality and processes in this context. Increased productivity leads to an increased demand for quality and creative learning opportunities.


Partnership Overview


Starting in 2019, Festo Didactic and Fanshawe College Corporate Training Solutions aim to partner in South Western Ontario, to provide manufacturing-related training courses. This mutually beneficial partnership aims to better support the manufacturing sector with training courses in Advanced Manufacturing and I4.0.


Introduction to Industry 4.0 

2 Days

Managers need to have a basic understanding of the core elements and technologies and how their interaction can lead to Industry 4.0. Subsequently, they can consider new business models and specific strategies to implement Industry 4.0 in their company, the target group for this training course is upper management, decision makers and executives from strategy and innovation departments.


Industrial Pneumatics  

4 Days

This pneumatic training course aims to familiarize participants with the design, construction and operation of pneumatic components. This course includes the interpretation of circuit diagrams and symbols as well as the construction of control systems. Target Group for this course is personnel involved with the design, installation, maintenance, operation and servicing of industrial pneumatic equipment and basic control systems.