Skilled Trades Series

The Skilled Trades Series provides training for a variety of organizations, from global giants to mid-size private companies. By collaborating with Corporate Training Solutions on workforce development, your organization receives support from program design to implementation. The workshops are easy to implement, producing fast results for any sector that demands innovation to meet the technological advancements in workforce training.


Blueprint Reading & Technical Drawings   

24 Hours 

Designed to elevate the participants’ skill level, develop the use of common terminology and analogous solutions for diagnosing improvements and innovations in the process.


Measuring Instruments (Metrology) 

24 Hours

Participants learn the role and significance of metrology in TQM and Quality Assurance. Basic techniques on the use of precision instruments, their calibration, and applications are introduced. Additionally, the basics of surface measurement and geometric measurements are presented.


Geometric Dimensions and Tolerancing  

24 Hours

Participants work through a progression of practical, hands-on exercises for a thorough learning experience that prepares them with diverse tolerance level understanding.


CNC Fundamentals   

30 Hours

An introduction to theory in producing machined metal parts to the specifications of a technical drawing, by safely setting up and operating CNC milling machines, or CNC lathes. The focus will be on CNC programming at the basic level, and emphasizes the “Setup and Operation” of a CNC machine.


Solar Energy Basics   

80 Hours

Recently developed to meet the need of entry-level employees to solar energy maintenance and operations. Participants explore the principles of Industrial Electricity and Electronics as applied to Renewable Energy and photovoltaic technologies. Safe working practices are emphasized. Special emphasis will be placed on practical learning outcomes associated with the theory portions and all RET lab safety regulations.