Evolving Leaders Series

Evolving Leaders takes leadership to the next level as leaders progress in their careers by focusing on developing and coaching their employees to achieve business results and higher employee engagement.


Developing Yourself and Others   

1 Day

An introduction to a practical process to guide the leader's own and their direct reports' development-planning to create meaningful plans that support the organization's current and future business needs.


Building and Sustaining Trust

1 Day

Learn to apply skills to build and sustain trusting relationships that enable people to take risks, identify and solve problems, and collaborate to achieve business results.


Setting Goals and Reviewing Results   

1 Day

Experience how to use effective (S.M.A.R.T.) goals to help them and their employees track progress and fairly evaluate outcomes throughout the performance cycle.


Advanced Coaching   

1 Day

Learn advanced coaching techniques to ask powerful and insightful questions and how to drive higher levels of employee engagement through appreciation.


Creating an Inclusive Environment   

1 Day

Explore unconscious bias and negative stereotypes. Develop an "all in" plan for being inclusive and creating a more inclusive work environment.