Leadership In Action 

Leadership in Action does a good job of describing the interactive learning where leaders and teams work and play together to build trust in real-world situations and initiative tasks. The Gasparotto Group specializes in providing organizations with pragmatic leadership solutions through leadership development and experiential learning.


Outside the Wire - Trust Building Camp  

1 Day

This workshop is specifically designed to develop individuals and the teams that they form to be more agile problem solvers, collaborative and communicative. These essentials to high-performance team dynamics are all built on a foundation of trust. Led by combat-experienced instructors, Outside the Wire – Trust Building Camp combines time-honoured military team building techniques with findings from the latest neuroscience to propel through the forming, storming, and norming phases of group development to high performance.


Human Synergistics Assessment 

1 Day

The Gasparotto Group uses the Human Synergistics® suite of tools as an integrated system of assessments to connect the dots with data, between how individuals think and behave, to how teams operate, to the state of the organization's culture.