The Committee is chaired by the Chair of the Foundation Board and consists of the Vice-Chair, with the Executive Director, President and Corporate Secretary/Treasurer as resource persons and others as invited.

Meetings and Minutes

The Committee meets four times a year about three-to-six weeks in advance of each Board meeting. The Board Process Committee does not keep official minutes, but does record “notes” of its meetings, particularly for follow-up action. The notes are normally taken by the Recording Secretary of the Board.


1. As the executive committee of the Board, the primary role of the Board Process Committee is to assist the Board Chair with regard to identifying key Board matters, as well as the planning and agenda setting of regular Board meetings and other special events which may arise. Others may be invited to participate in discussions at the discretion of the Board Chair.
2. At each meeting, the Committee advises the Chair concerning agenda items for the upcoming Board meeting. The Committee will be cognizant of the activities of the various Board task forces and committees and will review the Board's Activity Plan from time to time to ensure that planned activities are proceeding.
3. Other functions of the Board Process Committee include:
3.1 Coordinating the annual appraisal of the Executive Director;
3.2 Monitoring the application of Board Process policies;
3.3 Considering, and where required, reporting back to the Board on any matter referred to the Board Process Committee by the Board.

3.4 Determine the membership of task forces and committees of the Board.
3.5 Approve orientation plan for new Board Members.
3.6 In consultation with the Executive Director, identify and arrange for Board development opportunities.
3.7 Review and approve Directors for re-appointments.
3.8 Succession planning for Directors and specifically Corporate Officers of the Board.

4. Periodically, the Board of Directors and/or the Policy Review Committee may refer the development/modification of a policy to the Board Process Committee to develop recommendations for the Board. Such policies will be restricted to Board Process and Board-Executive Relationship policies only.


Fanshawe College Foundation

Board of Diretcor's Policy Manual

Category B - Board Process

Title: Board Process Committee

Policy Number: B-07
Effective Date: 2017 06 01
Reference: 1304, 4201