The Policy

1. Monitoring is the process for determining whether the Board's Mandate and Work Plan, as described by Board policies (B-01 and B-05) is being achieved.

2. The Board's performance may be assessed using the following approaches:

2.1 Internal Assessments - self-evaluations performed by individual Board members, groups of Board members, or the entire Board, including periodic assessments of Board meetings done at the end of meetings for use by the Board Chair.

2.2 Donor or Stakeholder Assessments - evaluations performed by the Donors or Stakeholders.

2.3 Independent Third-Party Assessments - evaluations performed by independent third parties contracted by the Board.

3. Internal assessments will be performed at least annually.


Fanshawe College Foundation

Board of Director's Policy Manual

Category B- Board Process

Title: Monitoring Board Performance

Policy: B-08