The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to recommend the appointment of Directors to the Fanshawe College Foundation Board.


1. As part of the selection process, the Nominating Committee shall:
1.1 Convene their first meeting in January or February of each calendar year;
1.2 Review/update membership vacancies on the Foundation Board;
1.3 Review/update a list of relevant background and skills for the Board's consideration;
1.4 Consider suggestions for new directors from Board Members, or other sources and cultivate potential candidates;
1.5 Request Board assistance in recruitment of potential new directors, as needed;
1.6 Review advertisements for individuals interested in becoming members of the Fanshawe College Foundation, as needed;
1.7 Develop/update information package for potential applicants;
1.8 Develop/update interview questions;
1.9 Assess all applicants based on a written curriculum vitae and personal recommendations, and interview a short list of applicants, as needed;
1.10 Bring forward appointment recommendation(s) to the Board for consideration, indicating the specific skills and experience required to fill vacant positions;
1.11 Arrange for notification (verbal and/or written) to all applicants.


The Board shall establish a Nominating Committee, consisting of the Vice-Chair (Committee Chair), one Board of Governors' Representative from the Board, and one other Fanshawe College Foundation Board member appointed by the Board.
Resource personnel shall include the Executive Director of the Foundation, with secretarial support to be provided by the Recording Secretary of the Board.

Monitoring (Accountability):

The Nominating Committee reports to the Fanshawe College Foundation Board.


Fanshawe College Foundation

Board of Director's Policy Manual

Category B- Board Process

Title: Terms of Reference of the Nominating Committee

Policy Number: B-25

Effective Date: 2017 06 01

Reference: 11-B.1(2), 4201