The Policy

1. The Board of Directors is responsible for assessing the Executive Director's performance in accordance with Board Policy C-10 (Executive Director's Performance Expectations). As the Executive Director is an employee of Fanshawe College, the Board of Director's Performance Assessment is provide to the Executive Director's College supervisor who uses this assessment in the College's performance appraisal process.
1.1 The intent of a performance assessment is to determine if the results the Board directed have been achieved within established parameters.
1.2 Regular feedback between the Board and the Executive Director is provided on an ongoing basis through regular Foundation Board meetings.
1.3 Progress on “organization results” should be reported and evident throughout the year. The review is conducted in order to formally record the nature of the ongoing discussion, thus there should be no surprises during the performance review meeting. Action plans and course corrections can then be addressed.
2. The formal assessment of the Executive Director's performance shall be conducted at least annually by the Board.
3. All assessments of the Executive Director's performance shall be based on:
3.1 The Foundation's achievement towards the FOUNDATION DIRECTIONS within OPERATIONAL EXPECTATIONS established by the Board as outlined in Board Policy C-10 (Executive Director's Performance Expectations).
3.2 Leadership attributes described as follows:
3.2.1 Ethics and Integrity - leads by example by acting in fair, reliable, responsible and trustworthy ways;
3.2.2 Inspires a Shared Vision - builds commitment through developing and sharing a viable future direction for the Foundation;

3.2.3 Critical Thinking - analyzes the nature of key issues and understands the impact of decisions and actions on the Foundation and its donors/stakeholders;
3.2.4 Advocate in the Community - raises the level of visibility and support for the Foundation locally and provincially;
3.2.5 Effective Communicator - expresses ideas clearly and proficiently to others in writing, verbally and through presentation;
3.2.6 Service Oriented - creates and sustains a culture that provides high quality service to donors/stakeholders of the Foundation.
4. In assessing the Executive Director's performance, Board policy may be monitored by any one, or both of the following:
4.1 Internal Reports - disclosure of compliance information to the Board from the Executive Director;
4.2 External Reports - disclosure of compliance information by disinterested third parties who are selected by, and report directly to the Board.
5. Between the months of November and March the following process shall guide the Board's involvement with the performance assessment of the Executive Director:
5.1 The Executive Director shall provide a strategic overview to the Board outlining achievements towards FOUNDATION DIRECTIONS and compliance with OPERATIONAL EXPECTATIONS;
5.2 The Board Process Committee with the Executive Director reviews the annual survey tool and captures amendments where necessary;
5.3 The annual survey tool is distributed to all Board members for completion;

5.4 Results are tabulated by the Board Chair who works with the Board Process Committee in preparing a draft assessment report;
5.5 The draft assessment report is shared with the Board (in-camera) and the Executive Director;
5.6 A final assessment report is issued and provided to the Director's supervisor for consideration in the College's performance appraisal process;
5.7 As prescribed in 4.(b) of the Services Agreement, the Board Chair shall assist the Executive Director's supervisor in the College's performance appraisal process to assess the performance of the Executive Director.

Fanshawe College Foundation

Board of Director's Policy Manual

Category C- Board-Executive Director Relationship

Title: Assessing the Executive Director's Performance 
Policy Number: C-15
Effective Date: 2017 06 01
Reference: 1404, 4201