Background Information

This policy forms the largest (i.e. broadest and therefore most open to interpretation) of any policy in the Operational Expectations policy category. All further Operational Expectations policies are merely a narrowing of the provisions of this policy. The Executive Director is granted the authority to use any reasonable interpretation of the Board's words he or she chooses.

The Policy

The Executive Director shall neither cause nor permit any practice, activity, decision, or organizational circumstance which is unlawful, imprudent or in violation of commonly accepted business and professional ethics.


The Executive Director will present to the Board an annual monitoring report demonstrating that principles in this policy are in practice, and identifies trends or themes that highlight challenges and emerging issues.


Fanshawe College Foundation

Board of Director's Policy Manual

Category D- Board-Operational Expectations

Title: General Executive Constraint
Policy Number: D-01
Effective Date: 2017 06 01
Reference: 502, 4201