Background Information

The purpose of this policy is to establish principles to ensure the integrity of the investment management and reporting processes.

The Policy

1.1 Donations and other contributions made to the Foundation shall be held as assets of the Foundation until such time they are transferred to the College.
1.2 The College shall make application to the Foundation to have assets transferred from time to time.
1.3 All funds available for investment will be invested by the Foundation following the College's investment practices.
1.5 The Foundation shall appoint two of its Board members to the College's Investment Committee with full rights and privileges. This Committee, in their discretion, will determine an asset allocation that balances long-term growth with risk based on the specific risk tolerance, funding requirements, cash flow needs and longer-term objectives of the specific funds.


2.1 The College's Statement of Investment Principles shall be provided to the Board of Directors of the Fanshawe College Foundation at least once annually, with timely notifications during the year of any changes.
2.2 The Executive Director will present to the Board an annual monitoring report demonstrating that principles in this policy are in practice, and identifies trends or themes that highlight challenges and emerging issues.


Fanshawe College Foundation

Board of Director's Policy Manual

Category D- Board-Operational Expectations

Title: Investment Policy
Policy Number: D-25
Effective Date: June 1, 2016
Reference: 502, 3815