The Policy

The strategic priorities of the Fanshawe College Foundation are as follows:


1. Foundation Building

1.1 Develop the Foundation and its governance framework as a model for College philanthropy.

1.1.1 Key directions: Develop the policy framework following best practices for Foundation development; Obtain Fanshawe College Board of Governors' approval; Operationalize the new Foundation effective April 1, 2008; Ensure seamless transition from current development office structures and practices to the new entity.


2. Communication and Accuracy

2.1 Enhance the development of a philanthropic culture through the Foundation and at Fanshawe College. A-05 Strategic Priorities

2.1.1 Key directions: Encourage and support the involvement of board members in a broad range of community activities to achieve Foundation objectives; Develop Foundation Case for Support highlighting student success, academic excellence, research and innovation; Develop marketing and branding materials to differentiate the Fanshawe College Foundation mission and vision in the philanthropic marketplace; Raise awareness of College needs in support of student success; Identify opportunities for donor cultivation and stewardship.


3. Development Capacity

3.1 Build organizational capacity to support a vibrant fund development environment. 

3.1.1 Key directions: Establish business and financial protocols and practices to support a robust fund development program, ensuring donor satisfaction and confidence; Set fund development targets adhering to government and regulatory guidelines in all matters pertaining to the operation of the Foundation; Develop a full range of giving opportunities - annual fund, alumni program, planned giving, major giving, leadership giving, legacy support; Establish mechanisms for program reviews including audit reports and quality assurance mechanisms; Encourage innovation and research in the development of new philanthropic and partnership opportunities. A-05 Strategic Priorities


The Executive Director will present to the Board an annual monitoring report demonstrating that principles in this policy are in practice, and identifies trends or themes that highlight challenges and emerging issues.


Fanshawe College Foundation

Title: Strategic Priorities

Policy Number: A-05

Effective Date: 2008 01 28

Reference: 401