The Policy
The strategic priorities of the Fanshawe College Foundation are as follows

1. Support innovative practices for exceptional student learning.

1.1 Areas of Focus:

1.1.1 Provide fundraising, bursary and scholarship support to the academic and student services areas of the College - with a particular focus on initiatives intended to: grow experiential learning; enhance the first year experience of students; enhance practical opportunities for student research and innovation; and reduce attrition and increase engagement amongst indigenous students.

1.1.2 Collaborate with College academic areas to fund and coordinate awards intended to recognize innovation excellence in teaching and learning

2. Support the implementation and sustainability of College programs aligned to labour market need and student demand

2.1 Areas of Focus:
2.1.1 Work closely with College academic leaders to identify and source funding and equipment to support the successful implementation and operation of “Program Areas of Strength” and “Program Areas of Expansion” described in the College's Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) with the Ministry of Advanced Learning and Skills Development (MAESD).
2.1.2 Work closely with College academic leaders to identify and source funding and collaborators to enable the advancement of flexible forms of academic program delivery.

3. Build and support the development of sustainable sources of alternative revenue.

3.1 Commitments:
3.1.1 Achieve Foundation gifts of $15M to support short - and mid-term College strategic priorities.
3.1.2 Launch a new Foundation campaign to support College “innovation,” achieving a target of $50M.

4. Strategic Capital Priorities.

4.1 Commitments:
4.1.1 Renovate A-Building at the London Campus
4.1.2 Renovate and retrofit the Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus
4.1.3 Cultivate partners and raise funds in support of a stand-alone Corporate Training Solutions operation
4.1.4 Complete Downtown Phase II implementation

The Executive Director will present to the Board an annual monitoring report demonstrating that principles in this policy are in practice, shows progress towards the specific goals, and highlights challenges and emerging issues.


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