These were just some of the highlights of the Foundation's seventh year. The Foundation will continue to build its endowment to create a stream of revenue to support student awards, bursaries and scholarships as well as other priority needs of the College. We also look to our donor support to assist in funding research, programs and capital projects.


Statement of Financial Position, March 2016 (with comparative figures for 2015)

  2016 2015



Current Assets

Cash and cash equivalents $792,689 $269,124
Guaranteed investment certificates $1,000,065 $750,321
Accounts receivable $16,983 $1,223
Subtotal $1,809,737 $1,020,668


$20,593,200 $21,230,303


$22,402,937 $22,250,971

Liabilities and Net Assets


Current Liabilities

Accounts payable, and accrued liabilities $353,716 $484,891

Defferred Contributions

Restricted contributions $1,665,791 $791,279

Net Assets

Endowments $20,234,736 $20,899,079
Unrestricted $148,694 $75,722
Subtotal $20,383,430 $20,974,801


$22,402,937 $22,250,971

* The above is an exerpt of the March 31, 2016 Fanshawe College Foundation financial statements. If you are interested in reviewing a full copy of the financial statements, please contact John Fleming, Chief Financial Officer.