Foundation Board of Directors, 2017/18

Ms. Nancy Maltby-Webster, Chair

Mr. Philip Surtees, Vice-Chair

Mr. Chris Chircoski

Ms. Karen Crich

Mr. Peter Devlin, College President (Ex-Officio)

Mr. Marvin DeVries

Mr. Brad Duncan

Ms. Michele Martin

Mr. Michael Menear

Mr. Joe Morrison

Dr. Howard Rundle

Ms. Yvette Scrivener

Mr. Surinder Suri

Mr. Tim Wharton

Foundation Resource Personnel

Wendy Curtis, Acting Executive Director, 519-452-4430 x4187

Jenny Ruz, Corporate Treasurer, Fanshawe College, 519-452-4430 x4460

Lisa McIntyre, Board Secretary, Fanshawe College, 519-452-4430 x4458

For more information about our Foundation Board of Directors, staff, resource personnel or how you can give, please contact us.