Girl talking to classmatesPlanning a Future Gift

Fanshawe College welcomes bequests (gifts made through your will) and gifts of life insurance.

When you plan a future gift, you are creating a legacy - a part of yourself that will live beyond your lifetime. You are sharing your passion for education with future generations. You are reaching out a helping hand to Fanshawe students for many years to come.

Because your gift will be realized after your lifetime, you can often make a larger gift than is possible during your lifetime. There are also tax advantages.

It's easy to plan a future gift. It can be as simple as adding a codicil to your will or changing the beneficiary on an existing insurance policy. Talk to us about your plans and we'll help you choose the most tax-effective option.

Be sure to discuss your plans with your trusted financial advisor.

ClassmatesCreating a Legacy

Most future gifts are 'endowed' when they are realized by the College. That means they are invested, and only a portion of the annual earnings is put to use supporting Fanshawe. The capital is carefully stewarded, so your legacy continues to help the College for many years to come.


You can choose to support a specific project, such as a named student award, or let Fanshawe College leaders choose in the highest priority projects.

GirlCelebrating Your Generosity

Fanshawe College wants to recognize the thoughtful donors who plan future gifts. Let us know about your plans, so we can include your name (or a name of your choice) on a special donor display in the College. We'll keep you up-to-date on College news and invite you to special events. By planning a future gift, you become a very special part of the Fanshawe family now.

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