Gifts-in-kind are an important way of benefiting Fanshawe College. These gifts include donations of property (other than cash and marketable securities) such as real estate, equipment, consumable supplies, books, software and works of art. 

Before Fanshawe College can accept a gift of property, its merit must be determined. Consideration is given on a case-by-case basis to ensure the proposed gift is suitable and consistent with the College’s requirements and standards, as set out in College policy.

Valuation and receipting of the gift will be determined by the Foundation in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. A third-party appraisal may also be required to establish a fair market value of the gift.


Gift-in-kind donations, from both individual and organizational supporters, enable the College to enrich students’ learning experiences and provide them with the materials and equipment they need to succeed. 

Benefits to Donors

The Fanshawe College Foundation will be pleased to recognize your generosity within its Donor Recognition program. Your support will provide Fanshawe College students with access to new learning resources that will motivate them to excellence, positively impacting their future careers and the future of our region.

We welcome your inquiries about making a gift-in-kind donation to Fanshawe College. Please contact the Fanshawe College Foundation Office at 519-452-4112 to discuss your donation further.